I don’t have the words to recommend more highly this extraordinary man… a very special being that exists in our midst!

David   David’s full letter

I met Nigel in 2005 while living in London. I have been on my spiritual path for twenty years, practice and teach meditation and have a wellness center in the US. Nigel helped me clear a chronic sinus problem that bothered me for five years. I was so impressed with his healing that I continued to study energy work with him. Not only does he have the ability to heal, he is amazingly compassionate and works from the heart where all deep healing occurs. I continue his Energy for Life connection where I live. and believe Nigel’s energy healing work is the most powerful force on the planet today. If you wish to heal on any level, I believe Nigel will help transform your life.

Dr. Linda Bender

My two-year-old daughter Sorrel was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia and fast-tracked for a bone marrow transplant in February 2007. I first heard of Nigel Gee four months post-transplant when she developed serious graft-versus-host disease – when the new bone marrow attacks the host body.

From the moment I contacted Nigel I saw great improvements in Sorrel’s condition, with him accurately predicting every stage of her recovery.


Samantha  Samantha’s full letter

I first met Nigel Gee two years ago, when my wife was trying to recover from a severe depression. I can only say how touched I was, that after one single session, she was so much better, that the threat the depression posed to our relationship, dissolved overnight. He helped her a lot over many sessions thereafter.


Dr. Michael Wetzler Michael’s full letter

In October 2006, I developed Polymyalgiarheumatica, a very debilitating condition with pains in most of my muscles. The pain in my hips stopped me from driving and walking was painfully slow – I felt I was 150 years old. Although the specialist had prescribed a course of pain management medication, my movements were still restricted. A good friend recommends Nigel Gee to me – I was only too pleased for some extra help. On my first visit, Nigel was able to draw the pain from the muscles, after just a few more weekly visits I was able to use my arms and legs pain free. So great was my recovery that on a recent visit to Australia, I was able to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge!! I will sing Nigel’s praises for evermore.

Thank you Nigel.

Mike Hart, Herts

It is clear that Nigel is able to heal at a much deeper level than normal therapists. I looked forward to my healing sessions and I consider him a special friend. I am forever grateful for his patience and kindness.
I am now healed and have no need for further healing because Nigel empowered me to heal myself. I fully endorse Nigel to give you the power to heal yourself too.

Ross Debos   Ross’s full letter

When our son suffered a major stroke at the young age of 16 the family were devastated. Nigel taught us that the healing power of the universe was ours to tap into. Through his unique presence and special qualities he brought peace, acceptance and moments of joy into an otherwise tumultuous time of our lives.

Barbara & Paul    Full letter

I am taking this opportunity to say how humbled I am knowing that you are there to support me during my life’s journey, and for me to experience the full extent of pure love in its entirety and form. This is exactly what you exude and more besides!

Eleanor   Eleanor’s full letter

Meeting you has been literary life changing! You have opened my awareness to a whole new realm and I feel so very blessed to have met you and to have been able to learn from you. There have been countless times where you have given me wings and the ability to fly again when I have somehow forgotten that I can, and for that, I am so grateful! Keep sparkling as only you can and never forget how special you are.

Sarah   Sarah’s full letter

I have now been seeing Nigel for over two years. 8 years ago I had a hearneated disc (L4 & L5). Basically I was treated by a chiropratic every 6 weeks, otherwise the pain would come back… I can honestly say that since I have been having seeing Nigel not only do I feel 100% better, I no longer need to go to the chiropractor!

Anyone who is out there in pain or disease…don’t waste another minute… Nigel Gee is amazing.. you can feel this energy coming out of his hands…the healing and comfort he brings, no words can describe.

Sophia   Sophia’s full letter

Nigel, I feel so blessed to have met you. You came into my life at a time most needed. An angel was sent to me and it was you. Thank you!!! After 3 1/2 years I can proudly say I have come so far and feel renewed, empowered, confident and excited to enjoy the next decade of my life.

Colette   Colette’s full letter

I have been seeing Nigel for few months and I am feeling a lot better. Nigel you are truly an incredible, helpful young man. I feel it was a blessing in disguise and meant to be that I met you and you will always be a ‘friend for life’ to me.

VS   VS’s full letter