About Nigel Gee

Spiritual Mentor

I had suffered for a long time from Crohn’s disease with debilitating symptoms including internal pain, tiredness and muscular fatigue. In addition I had suffered with a back problem which prohibited me from walking freely and needing back supports in order for me to drive.


Nigel GeeI decided to research how working with energy could help my overall self. During this process I began to have meditative insights enabling me to identify and release emotional energy imbalances in order to realign my physical body.


Now, I can walk and drive pain free and have also experienced a reversal of my Crohn’s disease symptoms enabling me to be drug free for the last eight years.


I have shared my insights with medically trained professionals on a personal basis and now teach complementary trained therapists how emotional energies can interrupt the body’s vitality flow contributing to an interruption in an individual’s wellbeing.


I have worked privately in the intensive care unit of The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London and have been interviewed on LBC Radio, BBC Asia Network, Sunrise Radio and Asian Star Radio. I also travel overseas to lecture and demonstrate my work.